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    Original new SMT Juki 500 Nozzle

    Product Specification:

    • Product name SMT nozzle
    • Type SMT machine parts
    • Brand JUKI
    • Model 500
    • Place of Origin Japan
    • Condition original
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    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle Description

    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle

    Name:SMT nozzle

    Product name:Juki nozzle



    Specification: Original new SMT Juki 500 Nozzle


    Quality:top qualiy


    Payment:T/T before shipment

    Shipment:on-time shipment

    Warranty: 1 year

    Delivery:fedex,ups,dhl,as required

    Package:carton box with foam protect


    Our company

    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle

    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle
    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle SMT Juki 500 Nozzle
    SMT Juki 500 Nozzle

    SMT Juki 500 NozzleSMT Juki 500 Nozzle

    Our advantage lies in:

    1.Top quality:

    We have more than 10 years experience in SMT,we have the goods with best quality,just tell me what you need,then will do the best for you

    2.Lowest price:

    In order to make a long-term cooperation,we will give you the best quotation,we are professional,so we can give you the lowest price,save money for you

    3.Products range:

    We are professional,almost you can get any products about SMT machine or parts,or SMT related products you want here,anything you need ,tell me

    We can supply these:

    • All the machines for SMT line:loader / unloader / PCB printer / conveyor /pick and place machine / reflow oven / AOI / SPI / SMD counter / solder paste mixer / reflow profiler / nozzle cleaner machine etc,,.new and used
    • All the parts for SMT machines,such like feeder / nozzle / filter / motor / valve / cyliner / belt / driver / grease / camera....all the parts,original new/usd
    • SMT related products:PCB storage cart / feeder cart / PCB magazine / feeder calibration jig / feeder loading jig / IC tray / squeegee / work table.....
    • The machine repaire service abroad.SAMSUNG / JUKI / YAMAHA / PANASONIC / FUJI / DEK /SAKI....
      Also you can visit our website for more informations:www.smtwenzhan.en.alibaba.com?? ?https://szwenzhan.en.made-in-china.com
      If you need anything,or you need any informations,suggestions about SMT, tell me directly,I can try my best try to help you
      We also need used pick and place machine and printer and reflow oven,if you have,we can discuss,maybe I can buy from you
      Hope can have a long cooperation with you


    Shenzhen Wenzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    website:?www.smtwenzhan.en.alibaba.com?? ?https://szwenzhan.en.made-in-china.com?



    whatsapp:+86 18823383970

    wechat:+86 18823383970


    Nozzle specification

    Name Model
    Juki Nozzle 501/502
    Juki Nozzle 503/504
    Juki Nozzle 505/506
    Juki Nozzle 507/508
    Juki Nozzle 509/500
    Juki Nozzle 800/801
    Juki Nozzle 802/803
    Juki Nozzle 504/805
    Juki Nozzle 806/507/808/809/....

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