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    SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    Product Specification:

    • Product name SMT Juki feeder loading jig
    • Type SMT Juki feeder loading jig
    • Brand Juki
    • Model Juki
    • Place of Origin Japan
    • Condition original
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    SMT Juki feeder loading jig description

    SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    Product name: SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    Brand: Juki

    Model: Juki

    Specification: SMT Juki feeder loading jig


    Quality:top quality?


    Payment:T/T before shipment

    Shipment:on-time shipment

    Warranty: 1 year

    Delivery:fedex,ups,dhl,as required

    Package:carton box with foam protect


    We have SMT Juki feeder loading jig?in great stock now, no matter at home and abroad, they are always in great demand.All clients are very satisfied with our feeder loading jig, now they has become regular customers, therefore, our?feeder loading jig has earned a great reputation. Our feeder loading jig are really good helper for machine. We also have many other feeder loading jig, you can choose whatever you want. We are professional supplier of SMT related machine and parts and some other goods, we have experience in this field more than ten years. If you choose us, you can be assured of our feeder loading jig good quality and our best service for feeder loading jig.?


    Our company


    ?SMT Juki feeder loading jig show

    SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    SMT Juki feeder loading jig SMT Juki feeder loading jig


    SMT Juki feeder loading jig

    Our advantages :

    1.Top quality:

    We have more than 10 years experience in SMT,we have the goods with best quality,just tell me what you need,then will do the best for you

    2.Lowest price:

    In order to make a long-term cooperation,we will give you the best quotation,we are professional,so we can give you the lowest price,save money for you

    3.Products range:

    We are professional,almost you can get any products about SMT machine or parts,or SMT related products you want here,anything you need?


    Contact information

    Shenzhen Wenzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Tel:+86 18823383970
    QQ: 3277604575
    If you are interested in our products or if you have any questions, please kindly inform me, you can be assured of our best attention, thank you!

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