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    SMT machine common fault analysis

    95 Published by Elissa 11 18,2019

    SMT machine can't pick up components normally:
    1. The tape size does not match the feeder specifications.
    2. The vacuum pump doesn't work or the suction pressure of the nozzle is too low.
    3. The plastic hot pressing belt that is taped at the picking position is not peeled off, and the plastic hot pressing belt is not pulled up normally.
    4. The vertical movement system of the nozzle is slow.
    5. The placement speed of the placement head is incorrect.
    6. The feeder is not installed firmly, the feeder ejector is not moving smoothly, the quick-opener and the pressure belt are bad.
    7. The paper cutter cannot cut the tape normally.
    8. The braid cannot rotate normally with the gear or the feeder does not run continuously.
    9. When the suction position is used, the nozzle is not at a low point, and the drop height is not in place or no action.
    10. The center axis of the nozzle at the take-up position does not coincide with the lead of the center axis of the feeder, and deviation occurs.
    11. The nozzle drop time is not synchronized with the suction time.
    12, the supply department has vibration
    13. The component thickness data device is incorrect.
    14. The initial value of the suction height is incorrect.

    SMT machine

    SMT machine randomity does not smear mainly refers to the nozzle at the low position of the patch is not placed on the leak.

    The main reasons for this are as follows:
    1. The warpage of the PCB board exceeds the range of the equipment, the maximum upturn is 1.2MM, and the lower bend is 0.4mm.
    2. The height of the support pins is inconsistent or the flatness of the support platform of the workbench is poor.
    3. The nozzle is stuck with the fluid or the nozzle is severely magnetized.
    4, L nozzle vertical motion system is slow.
    5. The blowing timing does not match the timing of the placement head.
    6. The amount of glue on the printed board is insufficient, the leak point or the machine pin is too long.
    7. Poor nozzle placement height is poor.
    8. The solenoid valve is poorly switched and the blowing pressure is too small.
    9. When NG occurs in a nozzle, the STOPPER cylinder of the device is not moving smoothly and is not reset in time.

    SMT machine picture

    SMT machine

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